We’ll create games right for your theme or location

We can create custom-made games tailored to suit your needs regarding the space and theme. These games allow the players to truly live the story – be immersed and become a part of it. Using a game they can explore and discover exciting places and exhibits and of course learn a lot of new information instead of a mundane castle or museum tour.

What can we do using Cryptomania games?

  • We can bring a different target audience to you (Brno ZOO, Moravian Gallery,…).
  • We can offer an interesting activity to regular visitors.
  • We can take the tourists outside of the regular tourist spots (very attractive to overcrowded centres – Prague, Bratislava).
  • We can tell your story in a fresh, playful way that will make the visitors remember it.
Games made for our partners
at Brno

Art is here

Art is here at Brno

Art is a story. Cipher, code and mystery. Come see it for yourself!

at Brno

Casemate Stories

Casemate Stories at Brno

Unique game with extended reality in mysterious casemates of Špilberk Castle.

at Hradec Králové

Salon of the Republic

Salon of the Republic at Hradec Králové

Discover why Hradec Králové is called
the Salon of the Republic.

at Prague

In the Footsteps of T.G.M.

In the Footsteps of T.G.M. at Prague

Follow our first president
through Prague.

at Brno

Touch the Evolution

Touch the Evolution at Brno

Evolution. Darwin. On the Origin of Species... What has Brno ZOO to do with this?

at Brno

Darkblue Adventure

Darkblue Adventure at Brno

Do you know how the dark blue world looks like? Peek inside....

at Brno

Mystery of the Old Town Hall

Mystery of the Old Town Hall at Brno

Walk with us through the Old Town hall of Brno and discover places where the present was formed.