Intermediate game in Brno for adults

Art is here

Art is a story. Cipher, code and mystery. Come see it for yourself!

Art is a story itself. Secrets that can be discovered over and over again. Art is cipher, code, speech. And it is up to us where it takes us. Art is a journey that has no beginning or end. Jump straight to the beginning of the 20th century. But keep your eyes open – we start with shapes, light and shadow.

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How to play?

The game is run by Moravská Galerie in Pražák palace.

You can get the necessary game brochure at the box office of Pražák palace.

Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It was created primarily for adult players, but children (10 +) are also able to participate in partial tasks.

Game difficulty

Moderate game (You do not need to have previous experience with cipher or escape games, but some tasks may take you a few moments to solve)


The entire game takes place inside of Pražákův palác. The average playing time is 1.5 hour.


Game brochure (can be obtained at game start in Moravská galerie), fully charged smart phone with internet access, pencil and paper.


Anytime Pražákův palác is open.
We recommend to start at least an hour before the closing time.
CAUTION! The game is closed due to technical reasons.


Moravská Galerie in Brno
Pražákův palác, Husova 18, Brno


Total score is the primary criterion, on tie total time is used as secondary criterion.

Rank Team name Total score Total time

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Trail partner
Moravská Galerie
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