Game Rules

How to start a game?

  • To be able to begin the game you must come to the start (the ticket office of the Moravian Gallery, Pražák Palace, Husova street no 18) and collect the game brochure, without which you cannot play.
  • You can use wifi “MgvBrne“ with password “12341234″ across the building, but the signal can be weak in some rooms so mobile data will come in handy too.
  • Further you only need to register your team(we recommend teams of maximum 5 people). The registration as well as the game playing are for free.
  • After registration you can enter the game on the homepage and begin to play.
  • The game is managed from an online game system on this web site. The online game system contains all needed information and you will use it for entering the passwords deciphered in the course of the game, obtaining clues or the whole solutions if you decide to skip a checkpoint.
  • After log in you can fill out information about your team in the system (the name of the team and your names) to be shown in the scorecard.


  • The game Art is here! consists of 6 basic checkpoints and 2 bonus checkpoints.
  • The basic checkpoints are numbered from 1 to 6 and can only be visited in the order given by their numbers.
  • The bonus checkpoints are marked with letters A and B and will only show after completing all 6 basic checkpoints. These checkpoints can be visited in any order you wish.


  • Your team scores points for each solved task.
  • The number of points differs according to your ability to solve the task without help, or if you have asked in the online game system for a clue or even a solution.
  • Task solution: 10 points
  • Use of a clue for a move: -2 points
  • Use of a clue for the task: -5 points
  • Skipping the checkpoint by displaying the correct solution: 0 points
  • The solution to the task is always a password that is one comprehensible word.
  • If you enter 2 wrong passwords, you can only enter another one after 2 minutes.
  • The individual tasks are unrelated to each other in any way. You need to solve each one of them separately.
  • You will get most of the specifications electronically from the online game system. However, some of the specifications may require you to work with this brochure. In any case, we will alert you to each of these situations.
  • Everything else you will need to solve the task can be found in your vicinity or you already have it with you.
  • After completing the game you can compare your results with the other teams in the scorecard. In the case of identical scores of more teams the time needed for the game completion will be decisive for the final ranking.

The story

The individual checkpoints will reveal to you parts of the accompanying story of modern art. The text of the story does not contain any ciphers but you can use information from it for the individual task solutions. We recommend reading it carefully!

Fair play and behaviour during the game

Please, do not reveal the solutions to anyone. It is hard to enjoy the game, if you know the solution in advance.

And please behave considerately to the non-playing visitors to the gallery.

The players are asked to observe the house rules of the gallery. Please refrain from any behaviour that might damage the exhibits. To resolve the ciphers you do not need to touch the exhibits.