Casemate Stories

Unique cipher game with extended reality
in mysterious surroundings of Špilberk castle

2 hours
of adventure and smart fun
3 unbelievable meetings
with extended reality
5 sundry
human destinies
7 original

An unusual adventure tour of the most popular part of Špilberk Castle? A mysterious puzzlehunt game? A living history? Smart fun with friends? The casemate game offers a bit of everything.

You will walk through 7 checkpoints. Each of these will show you a story that happened or could have happened in casemates. Videos and extended reality will mediate close encounters with history. Ciphers and logical tasks are awaiting for you to involve your brain and creativity. In the end, you will find a surprise that can be found only in Špilberk casemates.

The ancient human destinies that arise before you have something to tell us even today. Crime, punishment, freedom and suffering are still topical issues.


How to play?
The game was created in collaboration with Muzeum města Brna and Centre for Modern Education. Further information can be found at game page.

Detailed information

Target group: The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It was created primarily for adult players, but children (12 +) are also able to participate in partial tasks. The game is not wheelchair accessible.
Game difficulty: Light game (You don't need to have previous experience with cipher or escape games). Still, the game can take you some time - if you are stuck, feel free to open a hint!
Game duration: The average game takes 1.5 hours.
However, you are not limited and it is up to you how much time you spend playing.
Required equipment: The game can be played only with tha tablet lent by Brno museum for refundabl edeposit 500 Kč ( can be solved at the Špilberk Castle cash register ). Take paper and pencil with you. In winter, warm clothes may come handy for it is cold in casemates.

Game manager:
Muzeum města Brna,

When is the game open
You can find current opening hours at the Špilberk Castle website. You need to order the game by following the instructions on the game site.
Place of start
Špilberk Castle
Špilberk 210/1, Brno


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