Mystery of the Old Town Hall

Walk through Brno Old Town Hall
and discover places where the present city was made.

7 tasks
covered in the historical cloth
1 building
which serves faithfully to its town for almost 700 years
3 halls
that are not to be seen every day
1 tower
to be climbed

Can you break the secret of Brno Old Town Hall?

Trail Secret of the Old Town Hall will highlight the genius loci of the very heart of Brno, guides you through its original corners and bring interesting historical information – but wrapped in ciphers and logical tasks!

Will you find the oldest living room in the Town Hall premises? Who worked in it? How many stairs is necessary to climb, before you discovered a 360 ° view of Brno? And there, of course, the hidden code? Take your family and friends and come to play it. Start is at the Information Center in Radnická street („At the crocodile“).

All important information for the game (including the terms on which it is possible to go through the trail) will provide employees of the Information Center.

How to play?
The game Mystery of the Old Town Hall is out of order now, due to a winter closure of a Old Town Building.
For information about game opening please follow the pages of Tourist information center of Brno.
The game is run by Turistic Information center Brno.

All the necessary information including when and where to start can be found at TIC Brno web page.

Detailed information

Target group: The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It was created primarily for adult players, but children (12 +) are also able to participate in partial tasks.
Game difficulty: Moderate game (You do not need to have previous experience with cipher or escape games, but some tasks may take you a few moments to solve)
Game duration: You will walk cca 400 meters inside the Old Town Hall. It should take you around 1.5 hours.
Required equipment: Game brochure smart phone or tablet with an internet connection and pencil.

Game manager:
TIC Brno, +420 542 427 150

When is the game open
The game start must be consulted with TIC employees (tel. 542 427 150, email:
Place of start
Tourist Information Center, Radnická 8 (At the crocodile), Brno


1. FRDIS 70 b. 01:41:46
2. Dices 70 b. 02:13:24
3. The Town Hall conquerors 65 b. 00:10:01
4. Musetorpedobataljonen 55 b. 01:38:09
5. Alvaro 55 b. 01:48:01
6. Tourism Class 2 55 b. 02:20:50
7. TrippleA 45 b. 01:53:34
8. Tourism Class 1 35 b. 02:52:15
9. Superawesomedudes 30 b. 01:18:33
10. Preussewien 30 b. 01:28:23

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