Darkblue Adventure

Do you know what it's like in the darkblue
world of sightless? Let's take a look!

2 boxes
full of ciphers
1 picture
with colors
1 recording
with strange anthems
1,8 km
awaiting you

Take your friends
for an adventure that requires no sight.

My story began in the centre of Brno, at a place well known to me as a local. At a place where I have walked a thousand times before and hundreds of time just ran through. Since the day I had my dark blue adventure, the place has never been the same as before. It has got a new taste, a new shape and a new sound.

My name is Barb and this is the story of my meeting with Peter. A friend who opened my eyes by showing me how to percieve the world even when my eyes are shut.

Together we invite you for a short walk through Brno through a Brno that you do not know, or that you know only marginally. Through Brno in a different reality. Not a virtual one, but completely real. Maybe even more real than the usual one.


How to play?
The game is run by Turistic Information center Brno.
There are special game pages prepared on game.tmavomodry.cz with all informations about the game.
You need to buy a ticket to enter the game. Tickets are sold for 200 CZK per team up to 5 players and you can buy them at Brno Tourist Information Center at Radnická 8, where the game also starts.

Detailed information

Target group: The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It was created primarily for adult players, but children (10 +) are also able to participate in partial tasks. The game is also suited for teams with stroller, you may need help of your teammates.
Game difficulty: Moderate game (You do not need to have previous experience with cipher or escape games, but some tasks may take you a few moments to solve)
Game duration: You will walk cca 1.8km. It should take you around 2.5 hours.
Required equipment: Game brochure (can be obtained at game start in Information center), fully charged smart phone with internet access and pencil.

Game manager:
TIC Brno, +420 542 427 150

When is the game open
Every day 9:30-17:00 except Tuesday.
Place of start
Turistické informační centrum města Brna, Radnická 8


1. Darth Blue 60 b. 00:15:33
2. Hardcore Pelicans 60 b. 02:42:21
3. YellowBlue 60 b. 03:06:54
4. Too big to fail 60 b. 03:35:24
5. Zloty 55 b. 04:56:18
6. Meat and Veg 45 b. 04:03:08
7. Lisky 45 b. 04:04:59
8. Maris 40 b. 01:33:32
9. Kotelnici 40 b. 04:20:03
10. Dragons 40 b. 122:10:16

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