Difficult game in Brno for adults

Touch the Evolution

Evolution. Darwin. On the Origin of Species... What has Brno ZOO to do with this?

Charles Darwin had no idea that genes or DNA existed. It was Johann Gregor Mendel, the most famous person of Brno, who discovered the basic laws of genetics. It is therefore no wonder that the Brno Zoo was inspired by his legacy and gradually presents the most interesting moments of evolution in its area. It was genetics that revealed other laws that apply in nature. Who is the ancestor of sea lion? Why does a zebra have stripes? And a giraffe’s long neck?

Embark on an encrypted trail through the Brno Zoo and enjoy the amazing sophistication of nature.

10 ciphers

waiting to be solved

1 lama song

we used to hide a cipher

5 continents

to visit

dozens of animals

you will meet

To learn more, look at game details.


How to play?

The game is run by Zoo Brno.

You need game brochure that can be found in the souvenir shop near exhibit of tigers.

Having the brochure, you can continue straight to the game page.

Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It was created primarily for adult players, but children (10 +) are also able to participate in partial tasks. The game is also suited for teams with stroller.

Game difficulty

Moderate game (You do not need to have previous experience with cipher or escape games, but some tasks may take you a few moments to solve)


You will walk cca 1.4km. It should take you around two hours.


Game brochure (pick up at souvenir shop), fully charged smart phone with internet access and pencil.


Anytime during the opening hours of Zoo Brno.


Information table at the entrance to exhibit of tigers
Zoo Brno, U Zoologické zahrady 46, Brno.


Total score is the primary criterion, on tie total time is used as secondary criterion.

Rank Team name Total score Total time
1. TriJelita (Lukas Bednar) 95 b. 03:08:50
2. Ryu&bois (Wizard , Ryuka , Alex ) 60 b. 02:40:52
3. Test — b. 00:14:36

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Zoo Brno
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