Royal Mysteries

6 checkpoints
which are waiting on you
2 bonuses
for those who are brave
1,5 hour
you will not forget
700 years
you will travel back in time

If Prague is one of the most mysterious European and world cities, then it pays largely for the New Town of Prague. The story of the game called „Royal mysteries“ is taking place in this mysterious part of Prague. Let the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV. be your guide. This ingenious architect of Prague left row of symbols, codes and incantations in this quarter, which is no doubt.

Would you like to discover and solve some of them and understand their significance? You are cordially invited …

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Target group:
Game difficulty:
Game duration: 01:30
Required equipment: Gaming brochure (pick up at the start of the game at the New Town Hall), a smart phone with Internet access, pencil and paper. You may use a ruler.

Game manager:
Luděk Hrnčíř, +420 720 737 390

From 9AM to 7PM.
Place of start
Reception The Chamber game at New Town hall, Karlovo squre, Praha 2
Novoměstská radnice, Praha 2


1. Dariénites 60 b. 02:13
2. VJMTeam 60 b. 02:43
3. I Spies 60 b. 02:47
4. Machri 60 b. 02:59
5. The St. Pivovar Experience 60 b. 03:02
6. frozen iogurt 60 b. 03:09
7. TheImmigrantsPlusLucka 55 b. 02:56
8. Royal Guests 50 b. 02:07
9. Team KARO 50 b. 02:37
10. raspberry 50 b. 02:42

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