Difficult game at home for adults

The Eighth Wonder

You have been admitted as members of the Seven Wonders Archaeological Gentlemen Society. We are the oldest and most prestigious group devoted to studying and preserving the Seven Wonders. We have been impressed by your résumés and we are hopeful that your expertise will help us shed light on the recent disturbing rumours. They claim that there is a secret eighth wonder, one that outshines them all.

Welcome to the Seven Wonders Archaeological Gentlemen Society! And come really thoroughly explore the Seven Wonders of the World. Maybe there aren’t seven of them at all…

The Eighth Wonder is a puzzlehunt game that you can enjoy with a group of friends at home or at a table in a popular cafe. The game is from the environment of a prestigious secret archaeological society. That there is no such thing? How do you know when it’s secret?

Puzzlehunt? Yes, but you don’t have to go anywhere.
Escape game? Sure, but you’ll be locked in a maze of your own head.
Smart fun? Definitely, for you and your friends.

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7 wonders

and one more

9 gods

and one hidden among them

1 pyramid

to build

10 hints

with roman numerals

To learn more, look at game details.

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Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It is made primarily for adult players, but children (10 +) are also able to participate.

Game difficulty

Moderate game (You do not need to have previous experience with puzzles or escape games, but some tasks may take a while to solve)


We believe that you can complete the game within three hours.


Internet access, printed game brochure (you can order it in advance or download it from the gaming system), scissors, glue and stationery.




Anywhere you want to play.


Total score is the primary criterion, on tie total time is used as secondary criterion.

Rank Team name Total score Total time
1. Amused hawks 80 b. 01:45:21
2. Cindy's engelen 80 b. 01:51:39
3. Builders 80 b. 02:00:50
4. Shiny lobsters 80 b. 02:41:00
5. Colorful parakeetes 80 b. 02:50:10
6. kavickaris 80 b. 02:57:22
7. Tým Oné 80 b. 03:16:26
8. The Be Sharps 80 b. 03:20:57
9. Proud ducks 80 b. 03:46:30
10. Ano, vlastně ano 78 b. 15:33:54
11. The Second FRMEL 78 b. 841:51:40
12. QWERTY 76 b. 04:49:26
13. Výběr z hrozných 74 b. 02:38:15
14. Freya 74 b. 03:56:28
15. Rat squatters 74 b. 05:41:58
16. Automate or Die! 66 b. 03:49:34
17. Haje4 66 b. 03:57:47
18. Clever robins 66 b. 03:58:05
19. Strange lice 62 b. 24:15:44
20. Brave marmots 62 b. 51:14:06

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