The Eighth Wonder

Reveal the secret of Seven Wonders!
Has anyone said seven?

7 wonders
and one more
9 gods
and one hidden among them
1 pyramid
to build
10 hints
with roman numerals

Welcome new members!

You have been admitted as members of the Seven Wonders Archaeological Gentlemen Society. We are the oldest and most prestigious group devoted to studying and preserving the Seven Wonders. Our members are gentlemen of the highest personal qualities from all over the world. We have been impressed by your résumés and we are hopeful that your expertise will help us shed light on the recent disturbing rumors. They claim that there is a secret eighth wonder, one that outshines them all.

The number seven was chosen because it represents perfection and plenty, it was the number of the five planets known when the Society was established in the 2nd century BC, plus the sun and moon. Is it possible that we have not noticed the evidence of an eight wonder for more than two millennia? Our scientific prestige is in danger and we desperately need your help.

It is of utmost importance to unravel this mystery before anyone else does. Our funds and artifacts in our collections are fully at your disposal. Remember to proceed in secrecy and keep me up to date about your progress. Good luck!

Stevie Wonder
President of the Seven Wonders Archaeological Gentlemen Society


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Game: The Eighth Wonder

Price for team: 650,00 700,00  includes VAT

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We recommend to play the game within 1 year of puchase. Afterwards it may not be available.

Detailed information

Target group: The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It is made primarily for adult players, but children (10 +) are also able to participate.
Game difficulty: Moderate game (You do not need to have previous experience with puzzles or escape games, but some tasks may take a while to solve)
Game duration: We believe that you can complete the game within three hours.
Required equipment: Internet access, printed game brochure (you can order it in advance or download it from the gaming system), scissors, glue and stationery.

Game manager:
Zbyšek Podhrázský, +420 737 712 893

When is the game open
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Anywhere you want to play.


1. Amused hawks 80 b. 01:45:21
2. Cindy's engelen 80 b. 01:51:39
3. Builders 80 b. 02:00:50
4. Shiny lobsters 80 b. 02:41:00
5. Colorful parakeetes 80 b. 02:50:10
6. kavickaris 80 b. 02:57:22
7. Tým Oné 80 b. 03:16:26
8. The Be Sharps 80 b. 03:20:57
9. Proud ducks 80 b. 03:46:30
10. Ano, vlastně ano 78 b. 15:33:54

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