Easy game at home for adults

The Apple of Discord

The Metropolitan Police Service is the modern name of the famous Scotland Yard. It has its own power, tradition, and reputation. They solve murders, serious crimes, but the phones also ring with inquiries about lost cats or UFOs seen over Big Ben. What happens when a mysterious package turns up on the reception desk? Let’s find out.

Right next to the nameplate that says “Metropolitan Police Inspector” lies an apple. A beautiful, red, almost perfectly appley apple. This apple is from the mysterious package he received a couple of hours ago. Next to the apple there’s today’s newspaper, which was also part of this peculiar package. Below one of the articles is written the word: “Crime”, in red marker.

The Apple of Discord is an exciting detective game, suitable even for less experienced players. You can enjoy it with a group of friends at home or at your favourite cafe. And prepare well, because this time it will be very thrilling…

Puzzlehunt? Yes, but you don’t have to go anywhere.
Escape game? Sure, but you’ll be locked only in the maze of your own head.
Smart fun? Definitely, for you and your friends.

See ticket options

1 red apple

which is not a snack

5 suspects

who used to be friends

1 crime

almost forgotten

2 hours

of your time

To learn more, look at game details.

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Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

The game is designed for 2–5-member teams. It is made primarily for adult players, but children (10+) are also able to participate.

Game difficulty

Probably our easiest game (You do not need to have previous experience with puzzles or escape games, but some tasks may take a while to solve). Despite that we believe that even if you already have some experience, you will enjoy the original puzzles and a catchy story.


1 to 2 hours, according to your abilities.


Internet access, printed puzzlehunt guide (you can order it in advance or download it from the game system), scissors, and stationery.


Anytime you want.


Anywhere you want to play.


The total score is the primary criterion, in case of a tie the total time is used as the secondary criterion.

Rank Team name Total score Total time
1. Bright skunks 80 b. 00:59:26
2. Sleepy giraffes 80 b. 01:26:45
3. De Haasjes 54 b. 01:52:56

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