Unexpected Letter

Will you dare to deliver it?

free of charge
you can just try it!
5 puzzles
and one story
with internet access
when you wanna play

Let's see how the Cryptomania games work!

Letter. A brown envelope as a beggining of an unexpected adventure on an ordinary day. You even don’t know how you stepped in but it is you who is supposed to deliver this letter to a girl named Sarah  from her brother Thomas. And it is up to you if you dare to go with her through the end of this puzzled story…

You are standing at the beginning of a short puzzlehunt adventure. This game is available completely free of charge for anyone who dares to open the imaginary envelope and who wants to play.

You will see how Cryptomania trails work including theirs online gaming system. At the same time you will learn the basics of solving puzzles and ciphers.

The Letter is a great gateway to the fantastic world of puzzlehunt games. We tried to include the typical examples of encryption principles. The next puzzlehunts will be much easier for you after going through this one.

The whole game is online, it can be played anytime and anywhere. You can solve it by yourself but it is much more fun to do it with some friends, colleagues or family.

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Game: Unexpected Letter

Price for team: 0,00  includes VAT

Start of the game

Date and time of start
We recommend to play the game within 1 year of puchase. Afterwards it may not be available.

Detailed information

Target group: This game is created for those who want to try how puzzlehunts work, but they do not want to buy a pig in a poke. And of course for all those who just love puzzlehunts.
Game difficulty: Very easy game (there is no need to have any experience with puzzles or escape games). There are tips for every puzzle on what to look for. This game is ideal as the first puzzlehunt adventure.
Game duration: We believe that you can manage the game in less than an hour.
Required equipment: Internet connection, pen and paper. You may use a printer during the game, it will make one puzzle easier to solve, but you can manage it without it also.

Game manager:
Luděk Hrnčíř, +420 720 737 390

When is the game open
Anytime, it depends just on you.
Place of start
Anywhere where you want to play.


1. Good toads 60 b. 00:00:46
2. Cheerful rhinoceroses 60 b. 00:00:46
3. Wicked dachshunds 60 b. 00:12:06
4. FCB 60 b. 00:14:10
5. Clever owls 60 b. 00:23:36
6. Nervous elks 60 b. 00:26:21
7. Adorable dolphins 60 b. 00:30:14
8. Elegant eels 60 b. 00:30:23
9. Misty jellyfishes 60 b. 00:31:55
10. Real mules 60 b. 00:32:27

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