The Enigma Code

Let's see if you can break the Enigma code
and figure out its sneaky secrets!

where you want to play
when you are in the mood
10 tasks
really challenging
4 hours
of clever fun

Experience a real adventure with your friends!

The world was still at a war. In the first big, or even the world-wide, when German inventor Arthur Scherbius patented his encryption machine called Enigma which was using electrified rotors, without knowing how crucial role his invention will play in the upcoming war madness in two decades.

We invite you to the story of ingenious thoughts, both on the side of the Enigma inventors, as well as on the territory of the counterpart – into a community of extraordinary brilliant people who managed to cope with all the traps of carefully coded texts. Play, encrypt, have fun and bring the atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century to your home.

Puzzlehunt? Yes, but you don’t have to go anywhere.
Escape game? Sure, but you’ll be locked only in your own head.
Smart fun? Definitely, for you and your friends.
Simply the game ready at your fingertips.


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Game: The Enigma Code

Price for team: 650,00  includes VAT

Start of the game

Date and time of start
We recommend to play the game within 1 year of puchase. Afterwards it may not be available.

Detailed information

Target group: For a 2-5 member team who wants to deal with sophisticated ciphers in the comfort of their own house. The game is made primarily for adult players.
Game difficulty: The game is one of the most difficult encryption adventures that Cryptomania offers. So if you get to the end of the story about the famous encryption machine, you can be really proud of yourselves.
Game duration: Ranging from 1:30 to 4 hours.
Required equipment: Internet access, printed game brochure (downloadable from the game system), scissors, glue and stationery.

Game manager:
Luděk Hrnčíř, +420 720 737 390

When is the game open
Place of start
Anywhere you want to play.


1. Vyber z Hroznych 100 b. 01:31:48
2. Ant Buffet 100 b. 01:44:34
3. Netsuite 7 100 b. 01:46:27
4. Cindys engelen 100 b. 02:09:56
5. NetSuite 1 100 b. 02:29:29
6. Robatt & Friends 100 b. 03:25:21
7. Netsuite 4 98 b. 03:29:13
8. NetSuite 9 94 b. 03:18:18
9. Silvie Beggs 82 b. 169:19:54
10. Sethteam 74 b. 294:12:36

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