Battle of Brno

112 days of the Swedish siege of Brno in 3 hours.
Or can you do it faster?

3.5 km
that you go through
3 hours
of your free time
13 sites
interesting and carefully selected!
13 ciphers
waiting to be cracked

Have fun with your friends
and experience a great adventure!

Tomorrow we hit the city for the last time. Before the bells at Petrov ring noon, Brno must be ours. If not, we will retreat.” – thus spoke the Swedish General Torstenson in the spring of 1645, when he had unsuccessfully besieged Brno for 4 long months. And that was after he thought he would sew up a victory within a week. Indeed, in the fortress of Špilberk in Brno there were 400 soldiers and he arrived with 18 thousand! The conquest of Brno meant very much to him – it was the only thing in the path to besieging Vienna.

How did this great battle take place? Who stood up to this Nordic leader? What was he about, where did he live and what trap did he think up for the Swedes? And why, then, does the bell on Petrov still ring noon at 11 am? History wrapped in ciphers, logic tasks and hiding places are awaiting you on the trail Battle of Brno.

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Game: Battle of Brno

Price for team: 1 200,00  includes VAT

Start of the game

Date and time of start
We recommend to play the game within 1 year of puchase. Afterwards it may not be available.

Detailed information

Target group: The game is designed for 2-5-member teams. It was created primarily for adult players, but children (10+) are also able to participate in partial tasks. The game is also suited for teams with stroller, but it requires light help from teammates - you will meet a few steps along the way.
Game difficulty: Light game (the game is a good start in a world of cipher games, for the more experienced players serves as a nice warmup or a walk)
Game duration: We believe that you can manage the game at a comfortable pace within three hours (approximately 3.5 km).
Required equipment: Game Brochure (if you don't have it yet, you can get it at the start of the game in the hall of Moravian Gallery), a fully charged smartphone with internet access and a barcode scanner, pencil and paper. You can use a flashlight or a black fix, but it is not necessary.

Game manager:
Zbyšek Podhrázský, +420 737 712 893

When is the game open
The game is open daily from 10:00
Please, contact us during holidays or other important days.
We recommend to start in the summer before 4:30 pm, in the winter a little earlier.
Place of start
Moravian Gallery
Governor's Palace, Moravské náměstí 1a, Brno


1. foryouandyourteam 130 b. 02:44:56
2. SAP Team 1 130 b. 03:14:15
3. kuželky 130 b. 03:18:30
4. Kotelnici 130 b. 03:20:53
5. Dana Hladká 130 b. 03:29:35
6. Catnip 130 b. 03:49:40
7. Michal Baranec 130 b. 03:51:57
8. foryouandyourteamofhearts 130 b. 04:59:08
9. Bagety a Precliky 128 b. 05:12:30
10. The Cuddle Cats 125 b. 03:46:44

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