Ancient Bohemian Legends

A trail in Prague

3,5 km
that you go through
3,5 hours
of your free time
12 stations
interesting and carefully selected!
12 tasks
waiting to be cracked

It says half of the 16th century, and the old priest Vaclav finishes the lines of the Czech nation history. So far, nobody knows his work, but in the future there will be a generation of students learning his work at school. Vaclav loves history and does not hesitate to sacrifice his time to research it. And if history is sometimes lacking, then his ability of storytelling comes.

Embark on a journey in the footsteps of the famous Czech chronicler who crossed Prague to draw inspiration for his story. Find out who bathed in the Libuse bath, where a strongman Bivoj hunted a boar and why St. Peter thrice knocked the devil into the sea. Discover the fragments of history in the tales of the days when the majority of the capital accounted for only impervious deep forests. Chronicler Vaclav Hajek of Libočan himslef will tell you the story…