The Game Rules

How to start a game?

  • To begin the game, you have to walk to its start (Tourist Information Centre of Brno, Radnicka 8, Brno) and buy a ticket. The game cost 200 CZK (8EUR) for a team up to 5 players.
  • After you obtain a ticket, you can log into the game  at the homepage and start the game!
  • The game itself is controlled by the on-line gaming platform
  • On the gaming platform, you can find all the important instructions and there you will also enter all the passwords acquired during the game.


  • The Darkblue adventure trail consists of 6 locations.
  • Checkpoints are numbered from 1 and you can only visit them in this order.


Your team scores points for each solved task. The number of points differs according to your ability to solve the task without help, or if you have asked on the on-line gaming platform for a clue or even a solution:

  • Task solution: 10 points
  • Use of a clue for a move: -2 points
  • Use of a clue for the task: -5 points
  • Skipping the location by displaying the correct solution: 0 points
  • The solution to the task is always a password that is one comprehensible word.
  • If you enter 2 wrong passwords, you can only enter another one after 2 minutes.
  • The individual tasks are unrelated to each other in any way. You need to solve each one of them separately.
  • We are using the English alphabet (26 characters) in the game.
  • You will get most of the assignments electronically from the gaming platform; however, some of the assignments may require you to work with the game card. In any case, we will alert you to each of these situations.
  • Everything else you will need to solve the task can be found in your vicinity or you already have it with you.


As you move around the individual checkpoints, we will be revealing to you parts of the game story. The text of the story does not contain any cyphers, but reading it carefully can help you to solve them.

Fair Play

Please, do not reveal the solutions to anyone. It is hard to enjoy the game, if you know the solution in advance. And please, behave with respect for all gaming items.