About the game

My story began in the centre of Brno, at a place well known to me as a local. At a place where I have walked a thousand times before and hundreds of time just ran through. Since the day I had my dark blue adventure, the place has never been the same as before. It has got a new taste, a new shape and a new sound.

My name is Barb and this is the story of my meeting with Peter. A friend who opened my eyes by showing me how to percieve the world even when my eyes are shut.

Together we invite you for a short walk through Brno through a Brno that you do not know, or that you know only marginally. Through Brno in a different reality. Not a virtual one, but completely real. Maybe even more real than the usual one.

Welcome to the start of the cypher game “Dark Blue Adventure”!

What is a cypher game?

It is a game where your team of 2-5 players passes along the prepared trail and solves cyphers or puzzles, logical tasks and obtains passwords. Each time you enter the correct password into the gaming system, you will learn the whereabouts of the next location.

How long does the game take?

The “Dark Blue Adventure” consists of 6 locations. And we think that it is more than possible to finish it within 1.5 hours.

Where and when does the game begin?

The start of the game is in the Tourist Information Centre of Brno at Radnická 8. You can play anytime between 09:30 to 17:30.

What equipment is needed?

A team of 2-5 players, a game card (you will get it from the employees of the Tourist Office at Radnicka 8), at least 1 smart phone with an Internet connection, pencil, paper and at least 1.5 hours of your time. That is all!

Do I have to be a mathematician to take part in the game?

Certainly not. This cypher game is prepared for those with no experience with these kinds of games so far. Nevertheless, it is not that easy… at least you should be able to count the number of windows and divide them by the number of doors!

This original cypher game was prepared for you by the Tourist Information Centre of Brno in cooperation with Cryptomania Ltd.
Have smart fun!