Game rules

How do you start the game?


  • The trail consists of 11 locations, 16 tasks.
  • Tasks are numbered from 1 and you can only visit them in the given order.
  • The solution to each task is always a code: words, letters or numbers. No Czech characters are used in the codes.
  • If you enter 3 wrong codes, you can only enter another one after 2 minutes.
  • The individual tasks are unrelated to each other in any way. You need to solve each one of them separately.
  • Some questions are hard. Use your hints.


  • You score points for completing tasks successfully. The number of points awarded per task depends on its difficulty.
  • Be aware that in some cases wrong answer will lose you 3 points! Check the icon at the top of the task.
  • Using hints will cost you points, 1 or 2 or more, shown on the website. But it is always deducted from the possible gain, you cannot lose points already given.
  • You can reveal hints in whichever order you want.


  • Only foreigners can participate in this game (Czechs are excluded).
  • You can play alone or in teams. There’s no hard limit to the maximum number of players per team, but we recommend 4-5 people max.


As you move through the individual tasks, we will be revealing parts of the game story to you. The text of the story does not contain any cyphers, but reading it carefully can help you to solve them.