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GAME STORY: It seems that your excitement with your new home has caught on. You’ve been talking about Brno with your friends back home so enthusiastically that one of them decided to join you!

He arrived at Hlavní Nádraží just yesterday, showed an unpronounceable address (with way too many consonants) to a taxi driver to take him to his new flat, and somehow got a key from his new landlady. He nodded along, understanding none of her Czech gibberish, and then crashed onto a mattress without a pillow or pillowcase, because the Ikea trip is planned for the next day.
You remember your tricky first days in this strange country and you’re absolutely determined to make them easier on your friend. You’ll be his guide for the duration of this game. Let’s see how well you can answer his questions!

TRAIL: across the city centre, 3.8km
TIME REQUIRED: 2 to 4 hours, but you can stop anytime, or finish another day
TIME: play any day any time.
PRICE: the game is for free.
WHO CAN PLAY: Any expat, with teams of up to 6 players.

STARTING POINT: Where else to start introducing Brno than up on a hill, overlooking the city? So, let’s take your friend up onto the Špilberk Hill!
Your trail starts on its southern slopes – exactly here:

Open at mapy.cz

Once you’re there, start playing by registering your team:


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