About the Game

Why does the zebra have stripes? Does the bear sleep through the winter even when it is not too cold? Step on an adventurous journey around the world. You will encounter various animal species and perhaps even discover the answer to these questions. To get from one location to another, you must solve a cypher or some task that will show you where your next stop is. You will travel by train, ship, submarine and even by hot air balloon!

What is a cyphering game?

It is a game where your team of 2-5 players pass through the series of cyphers and logical tasks, acquiring passwords arranged in a predetermined path. Every time you input the correct password into the gaming system, you will learn the location of the next task.

How long does the game take?

The ‘Touch the evolution’ game is composed of 10 locations. And it is possible to finish the game within 2.5 hours.

Where does the game begin?

You can look for the start at the Tigers’ rock (the tigers’ exhibit) in the direction of the Zoo entrance gate. The start is marked with the information board.

What do I need to play?

The team of 2-5 players, the gaming brochure (can be acquired at the souvenir shop above the restauration U Tygra/At the Tiger), at least 1 smart phone with the internet connection, a pencil and 2.5 hours of time. That is all!

Do I have to be a mathematician to pass the game?

Absolutely not. This cyphering game is prepared even for those with no previous experience with the cyphering games at all. But it might be useful to know how to count the windows and divide them by the number of doors….we cannot make it too simple.

The original cyphering game was prepared for you by the Brno Zoo and Environmnetal Education Centre semi-budgetary organization and the Cryptomania Ltd.
Have a smart fun!