Intermediate game at Bratislava for adults

Coronation City Bratislava

Each ruler becomes a king only after he is crowned, even though he was probably elected sooner. The act of coronation is a huge occasion for the king, as well as for the city. Bratislava (or historically Pressburg or Pozsony) hosted as many as 19 coronations. Kings, their wives and one queen, the well-known Maria Theresa, they were all crowned in Bratislava.

How did the coronation look like? What did the ruler have to do on this day? Today you will follow the footsteps of the royal route with us in outdoor puzzlehunt Coronation Bratislava using ciphers and logic puzzles!

If you can solve all the puzzles and reach the end, we promise you the royal crown…

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2,5 km

of fun and logical quests

11 places

the king has visited

3 hours

of your free time

11 tasks

that await you…

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Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

The game is designed for 2 to 5-member teams. It is designed primarily for adults, however children (10+) are able to engage in partial tasks. You can play the game even with a baby stroller (but you will need the help of your team, you will find some steps on the way).

Game difficulty

Moderate (You do not need to have previous experience with cipher or escape games, but some tasks may take you a while).


You will walk approximately 2.5 km during the game. We think the game takes about three and a half hours.


Game brochure (which will be provided at start), pencil/pen, paper, charged smartphone with an internet connection. And a good mood! If you have scissors, take them with you – they may save you some time (however they are not compulsory).


The game start is set to 9 AM to 3 PM, in the summer to 4:30 PM..
If you want to play during holidays or days when there are big events in the city centre, please contact us to confirm that the trail is available.


Turistické informačné centrum
Klobučnícka 2, Bratislava


Total score is the primary criterion, on tie total time is used as secondary criterion.

Rank Team name Total score Total time
1. ceoi09 110 b. 02:52:12
2. ceoi11 110 b. 03:15:15
3. ceoi12 110 b. 03:50:10
4. ceoi15 110 b. 03:53:22
5. ceoi14 110 b. 03:55:14
6. ceoi13 110 b. 03:56:57
7. foryouandyourteam (Jacqueline Pregesbauer) 110 b. 04:19:25
8. ForyouandyourSMARTness (Jacqueline Pregesbauer) 100 b. 03:11:25
9. Team Slovak Pub Crawl (Jacqueline Pregesbauer) 95 b. 04:11:18
10. Ferdinand Eide Rode 95 b. 06:49:16
11. Sonia Gal 83 b. 03:50:04
12. Elise Jacobs 81 b. 29:28:34
13. sub clubbers & sleeper (Jacqueline Pregesbauer) 70 b. 04:07:58
14. threelittlepiglets 66 b. 04:07:59
15. Sonia Gal 60 b. 03:27:57
16. Elise Jacobs 53 b. 03:41:37

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