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Cyphering game? Interesting tour? Adventure? A bit of all!
Cryptomania Trail games will lead your team of 2 - 5 players through the series of cyphers, tasks of logic and mysterious objects through remarkable and interesting places and stories. Do not expect any simple child riddles. Our games will put your brains to a test!


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What are the cyphering games of Cryptomania Trails?

To put it simple, they are games where your team of 2-5 players advance through a prepared path. There you will have to solve cyphers and logical tasks and obtain passwords. After you input the correct password into the on-line gaming system, you will receive the location of another task.

The difficulty setting of our games is prepared specially for adults (therefore not primarily suited for children). However, higher graders of primary school or high school children might be able to enjoy it as well. Do please take into account that the tasks require a large portion of patience, willingness to try a new ways of approaching them and team creativity to break the cypher. Anyone who can muster up at least a few minutes of problem solving and will not give up after the first failed attempt, can boldly start the trail.

Choose your game and go ahead!

Our games

Games, where the theme comes from our own inspiration. You can buy a ticket on the page of the game.

Coronation Bratislava

Coronation Bratislava

See Bratislava in its greatest glory – witness the coronation of the king!

Feel the Baroque

Feel the Baroque

Discover the most beautiful baroque jewels of the Czech Republic.

Royal Mysteries

Royal Mysteries

Will you find a spiritul symbolics hidden in the Prague New Town?

Ancient Bohemian Legends

Ancient Bohemian Legends

Teta, Kazi, Libuse. Have you ever read Jirásek legends?

Battle of Brno

Battle of Brno

112 days of Swedish siege in 3 hours. Or you will be faster?


The Cryptomania Trails’ partners

With the contribution from our partners our games hosted already more than 1300 teams. Thank you

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Moravská galerie
ZOO Brno
McKinsey & Company